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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 4, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. officewith an online package new colincluding: domain name,y! website builder with five pages and basic email just $49.99! that's up to 76 percent below online providers and only at officemax stores! >>. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. we are a awaiting a police conference for the end of the alabama standoff. five-year-old boy has been rescued. man who held the boy hostage, 65-year-old jimmy lee dikes is dead according to officials. officers stormed the bunker had after negotiations had
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deteriorated and the officers believed the boy was in fact in imminent danger. the five-year-old was taken to a hospital for nearby evaluation. at this time it is still uncleared how dykes died. he snatched the boy from a skx after shooting and killing the drive. the police press conference is expected to begin shortly. that, of course, will be on greta van susteren's show. stay with us, that press conference is starting momentarily. thanks for being with us. we'll be back tomorrow night. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. tonight a five-year-old alzheimer's boy is free. his captor is dead. we are awaiting an update from police at any moment. we'll bring it to you live. fox news correspondent jonathan serrie is live. >> good evening. standoff has ended. property behind me remains very
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active crime scene. f.b.i. bomb technicians are scouring the area surrounding that bunker for any improvised explosive devices the suspect may have left behind before they allow authorities in to process the crime scene. although they have yet to confirm exactly how they did this, statements earlier by authorities suggest they were somehow able to get visual surveillance on the suspect. jimmy he dykes during the standoff. at some point he appeared agitated and holding a weapon and they feared the boy's life was in imminent danger so an f.b.i. team raided the bunker. authorities tell us the suspect is dead. his five-year-old hostage is free and physically unharmed. the boy was taken to a local hospital to get checked out as a precaution. his family is said to be overjoyed but friends said the mother has kept faith throughout
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the ordeal she would be reunited with her son held captive for seven days after the kidnapper fiancee fatally shot the bus driver when he resisted. a community while it is mourning the loss of that bus driver hero it's also celebrating the freedom of this five-year-old hostage safe with his family. >> greta: i know we're standing by for the press conference -- is there any information for the provocation for the f.b.i. going in today, right this afternoon and not this morning? >> yeah, it seems like throughout this seven-day ordeal they were maintaining contact with the suspect. they believed heor the child and as long as the discussions were ongoing, they apparently didn't have a reason to go in. apparently this afternoon, midafternoon, things went south.
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something went wrong with the negotiations. based on whatever visual surveillance they had of the suspect, they say they saw him with a gun. that he appeared agitated and they believed that that boy was in imminent danger. so they took much more aggressive action. obviously they had hoped to coach him out giving himself up peacefully but they decided that wasn't going to happen. >> greta: any idea how deep this bunker is. when the f.b.i. went in they didn't have long to get him. so the deeper the bunker, the more time the man in the bunker had to harm to child and harm the f.b.i. it was quite an amazing operation. >> reporter: according to earlier reports this bunker was only four feet underground. not particularly deep, but again neighbors had said this man was particularly dangerous when people got close to his property.
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he would sometimes threaten them with a gun. obviously, the f.b.i. didn't want to take any chances and it was only when they had determined the boy was in danger they decided to go into that bunker. >> greta: it's no surprise that this man was dangerous. look, he took a pipe and killed one of the dogs in the neighborhood or something. he wasn't charged with cruelty of animals. they should have been starting process against him a while ago. >> reporter: that's right. animal control had followed up on that. earlier neighbors had complained to police when they would hear gunfire. if there was an active gunfire. >> greta: let me stop you right there. >> the community was victimized. little did we know the heroic mr. charles poland a man that was committed the ultimate sacrifice will bring a community
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together and test its strength. to more poland's family we would like to express our condolences. also, our appreciation to a hero through his brave actions saved many lives. evidence is still being collected. i would like to take this time and this opportunity to thank all law enforcement agencies and first responders, personnel and their tireless hours of dedication throughout this incident. i would also like to offer a special word of appreciation to our community for its efforts and support and prayers during this ongoing investigation. this time we'll take a few questions. you need to speak loudly, please. >> was there any interaction....
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>> during the investigation, you have to understand a lot of this stuff, there is still an ongoing investigation in this process. some of those questions will be answered probably later. yes, sir. i can't hear you, sir. yes. at this time we don't, everything is being looked at and still part of an investigation. we can't answer a lot of questions like that. yes, ma'am, the mother is in contact with the child, yes. she is contact with the child.
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the investigation, we're going to keep that stuff -- there is still an ongoing investigation. we can only answer certain questions. >> can you talk about the circumstances under suspect was killed? >> all of that is part 69 ongoing investigation. >> did he threaten at all? >> yes, we had reason to believe that is why we went in to save the child. early on an investigation, if you remember, he shot mr. poland >> did the boy witness what happened?
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>> we had a whole bunch that witnessed what happened. >> no, in the bunker? >> by now, we're still got a scene to process and it's ongoing criminal investigation. there are a lot of things i can't say. excuse me, i can't hear you. until we get everything done with our investigation, we're not going to release that information. >> in the earlier press conference he was seen holding a gun today. how you were able to see that. >> usually, we can't release a lot of that information. you will have to bear with us on stuff like that, okay? i'm trying to answer over here.
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let me explain something to you about this little boy. he is very special child. he has been through a lot. he has been doing a lot. by the grace of god, he is okay. that was the mission of every man and woman on this compound. every law enforcement officer, every first responder. all of the community who prayed to bring him home safely. excuse me? he is receiving medical treatment and everything is okay. >> sheriff, your thoughts when you realized ethan was safe? >> you know. i'm a father. a lot of these men and women that sacrifice tireless hours, they are parents, as well.
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it's a relief for us to be able to reunite a mother with her child. you want to answer that. >> could you repeat the question again, please? i can't go into those details but i can tell you over the past 24 hours, our communications with the subject deteriorated and we were certainly concerned for the safety of the child. i can tell you that i've been to the hospital. i have visited with ethan. he is doing fine.
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he is laughing, joking, playing, eating, things that you would expect a normal five to six-year-old young man to do. he is very brave. he is very lucky. the success story is he is out safe and doing great. i can't go into any of those details. i know you have a lot of questions to ask. bear with us. we have a big crime scene behind us to process. that is going to take some time. pardon me? well, we have the crime scene secured. we are going to do a complete and thorough investigation. that may take a number of days, but we're going to do it the correct way.
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it could be a while, yes. we can't talk about specific sources or techniques, things of that nature. unfortunately, we will have to deal with another one of these situations somewhere, some day and we want it just as successful as it was today. >> you can confirm that you heard a loud blast earlier today without in too much detail it was some sort of device that you used, explosion ear device that was used in the procession of doing it today? >> i can't talk about sources, techniques or methods we used. i will tell you that the success story is ethan is out safe with
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his mother right now. i can't comment on that. what i can tell you, there will be a thorough investigation of the crime scene. the important thing is that we do it right. we have an independent review team coming in from washington, d.c. who will do a thorough, independent and complete investigation of the entire operation. i can't comment on that. we were speaking with the subject. i can tell you that. other than that, i can't go into detail. sorry. >> sheriff, can i ask i, did you have any prior contact with this
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fellow before this incident, did he have any kind of record with your department. >> we arrested him on charges on december 22nd. to my knowledge that is the only contact my office has had with him. >> what did that involve? >> i'm not at liberty to say. we had arranged to try and get him some of those toys and things of that nature. >> when you say negotiations broke down --
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>> it got really tough to negotiate with him and communicate with him. i appreciate all your questions and everything but we're really still got a lot of work to do here. your patience have been wonderful. everything you have done for us and the way you treated us. we appreciate it from the bottom of my heart because every one of you were in this with us. it's all about bringing ethan home safely. i appreciate the patience of the press and the willingness to work with us through this tragic time. at this time we got a lot of work to do. thank y'all. have a good night. >> greta: the headline is that ethan is doing well. he is laughing and joking and eating as any child that age would. deteriorations of communication which would provoked this.
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and fox has confirmed that president obama has spoke to f.b.i. director to congratulate him on the coordination of the f.b.i. and local law enforcement. there is still after this press conference so many questions unanswered. one of the biggest why did the gunman take that little boy hostage in the first place. he spoke with his sister a short time ago. good evening, what did the gunman, kidnapper's sister say? >> she had very little to say. i spoke with her about an hour after the end of the situation. she seemed to accept it as it is. she had very little to say. the family and none of us knew that he was leading to this, only the neighbors probably knew
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what was really going on. >> greta: now, you knew him as a young child in the area. i think you are both about the same age, you knew this man? >> i did, yes, and as i've known him as a child a small prd of time in adult never showed these kind of tendencies but his family knew that he had anti-government views before he was estranged from them. >> greta: i must admit i'm curious about your criminal justice, apparently he terrorized some of the makes. fired a gun and he was due in court next week and killed a dog with a pipe. where is the law enforcement. those are crimes? >> yes, you are probably right
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in that respect. you probably exactly right. i believe a little bit closer attention to his activities would have been in order. i can tell you this, on behalf of this community, the mayor, the city of midland, we thank the f.b.i., the sheriff, the state of alabama law enforcement all involved and they did an excellent job on this issue. >> greta: absolutely. it was spectacular job. the young child is fine. i would totally agree with you. congratulations for handling it that way. thanks for joining us, sir. >> yes. >> greta: straight ahead, defense secretary leon panetta jumping ahead of a senate investigation about benghazi.
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lindy si graham is here to talk about that that. a mother of two found murdered in turkey. a live report from turkey and rush limbaugh says he knows what caused the per bowl outage. who does rush blame? you won't believe who rush does blame. stay tuned for rush and tell us you think he is correct. and breaking story out of alabama the boy has been rescued from the bunker. tting up the nes starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. how do you keep an older car running like new? you ask a ford customer.
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>>. >> greta: this fox news alert. new information as to hostage standoff in alabama comes to a dramatic end. ever since the standoff started we have heard names that jim any leedykes was mean and he hated the government. live in midland city with more on this suspect. he sounds like a horrible man. he had taken a pipe to kill the neighbor's dog. were there no red flags in the community about this man? >> well, he only lived here for a couple of years. we had heard he had grown up here or born here and moved away. went to vietnam and lived in florida and came back. no at lot of people knew him bug, but people said he was
7:25 pm
really mean guy. i think you said it all when he beat a dog to death with a pipe. >> greta: if that happened in any neighborhood that i know of, animal cruelty, they would say kidnapping a child is even worse, but here they had a situation where he killed a dog with a pipe. nobody complained to authorities that he was killing animals? >> i think people did complain authorities. people were contend. he was supposed to be in court over a dispute with a neighbor when this all unfolded last week. >> greta: do you know what it was that provoked the f.b.i. to go in today and rescue that child? >> i don't. there was something apparently they felt very concerned about how he was act organize what he was saying. they went in. there was something they were concerned about that disturbed them. >> greta: it is extraordinary.
7:26 pm
this is such a good news story. i have to tip my hat to the f.b.i. and local law enforcement even law title, they knew he was watching tv. they were smarted about what they did. they did an amazing job, didn't they? >> they did. and people in this community are grateful for that. i have spoken to so many people who have been praying all week about safe return of this little boy. people were weeping. basically people were praying and hugging each other because they were so happy about it. >> greta: there is no script how to do this. authorities have a once in a lifetime case in your community and you have most difficult situation. the fact they reacted, they did a perfect job so it appears. thank you for joining us. >> we're going to continue the breaking news and bring you any new information from alabama as soon as we get it. now, to washington, d.c.
7:27 pm
president obama missed a key legal deadline. that and much more ahead tonight. >> today is budget deadline day for the white house when the president is supposed to release its budget. >> it's not coming. it's going to be late. >> the administration will miss its budget deadline and further criticism from republicans. some reports say it could be as long as month late. >> they have submitted a budget over the last couple years from the house but some have been on so obscene that he can't get a single democrat to vote for the budget. >> the tragic of the new york city women that went missing in turkey. police found her body over the weekend. she was killed by a blow to the head. police are scouring the area near the agency walls where her
7:28 pm
body was discovered late on saturday. >> never be able to talk to her again. it's really hard. ♪ ♪ >> did you kill travis on june 4th, 2008? >> i am innocent and no jury will convict me. >> i'm i didn't expect to be here. >> greta: all that and more, president obama missing a budget deadline for the fourth time in five years in his office. senator rob portman joins us, nice to see you. i should probably add going back to president johnson there are other presidents that have not met the deadline.
7:29 pm
did you meet the deadline? >> we did meet the deadline. it's not easy to meet these deadlines particularly a time of record debts. we saw the economy shrunk in the fourth quarter. the president should be meeting these deadlines. we don't know when he is going to meet it. will it happen before the state of the union? it's possible it won't. the budget may not go up before the house passes its budget because the house has been passing budgets. senate democrats for more than three years have not passed a budget. its record debts and deficits we would have a blueprint for spending. >> greta: it's the job and the law. i realize others before him going back to president johnson have ignored it, but the rest of it, we follow the law and do our job. why is this like it's okay to do it? there is no management when you don't meet these criteria?
7:30 pm
>> maybe because other than this show tonight, you look at a lot of pressure. it's a pattern, too. there are five other examples that i can point to that the president has not met a deadline. one is report how the sequester supposed to work, it's not done. they have missed most of their mid session reviews which is the midyear, mid-july deadline. they have also missed the chinese currency report and more recent the medicare trigger. you are supposed to have a proposal how to reform medicare. they ignored it. finally the regulatory agenda, two times a year, they put it off. finally issued two days before. >> greta: the house and senate signed a bill to suspend the debt ceiling until may. that is called suspending the
7:31 pm
debt ceiling, you raise the debt ceiling so you put a lid on what the government can spend. when you reach your credit, they will give you another thousand dollars and that is new limit. what has now happened is capitol hill has suspended that limit, now you are going to american express card with no limit and you have given the president no limit until mid may? >> i don't think american express would like the comparison because it couldn't be as bad. [ laughter ] >> but they are limited by the appropriations process and house and senate under the constitution have the power of the purse. he is not supposed to spend important. having said that, you are right. it's a huge problem. we should not extend the debt limit again. what is coming up, it may be four to six months unless there are legally spending cuts. i proposed that legislation. it got a lot of votes on the floor but it's simple idea. reduction of spending for every
7:32 pm
dollar increase in debt limit and you get to balanced budget over ten years if you do that. >> greta: breaking news, it's an important topic. >> leon panetta saying there wasn't time to rescue all the americans in benghazi. lindsay graham is here to talk about that. and what caused the superbowl outage. rush limbaugh says he knows. you'll hear from rush himself coming up. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool
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>> greta: benghazi is back in the headlines, senators will get their chance to grill leon panetta about the deadly benghazi terror attack. but secretary panetta is not waiting, yesterday he took to the talk shows saying there wasn't enough time to respond. >> this is not 911. you cannot simply call and expected within two minutes to have a team in place. it takes time. that is nature of it. our people are there. they are in position to move, but we've got to have good intelligence that gives us a heads-up that something is going to happen. >> a lot of that is intelligence tells us we have a problem and gives us enough warnings that we can get to the place stow we can respond. >> did you have enough time to respond? >> no, we did not. >> greta: lindsay graham, what do you think of secretary panetta's explanation there was not enough time?
7:37 pm
>> we'll find more about it. i think he has done generally good job, seven hours on september 11th a day of heightened concern, name one place in the world where it was more dangerous than benghazi, libya. what better intelligence could you have about the threat in libya from the ambassador from libya telling us on august 16th, if we are attacked in a coordinated fashion we can't defend the consulate. there are al-qaeda flags flying over government offices and there is not government to help us. we were blind. what better intelligence could you give about the situation in benghazi than from chris stevens himself. >> greta: how is he going to answer that question? >> i think president obama is really gotten away with a lot because of a lack of inquiry by the mainstream media. why mr. secretary, were you informed by the state department
7:38 pm
about the threat that existed in libya? were you awear that militias were growing in influence. were you awear that our consulate were bombed in april and june. >> greta: if he says no, that is problem because that is being asleep at the wheel. these are hot spots. the british pulled out in june. it's not like the rest of us. >> we came to the aid of british ambassador when his convoy was attacked. we got there in 20 minutes. >> greta: what do you make of the new secretary of state, john kerry went to visit the benghazi survivors at walter reed? >> i've been asking in november, we wrote to the president. the person i blame above all others is president obama, did you know president obama, in april or june why wasn't the congress informed.
7:39 pm
they were interviewed two days by the f.b.i. you know the c.i.a. never called up the f.b.i. and say, what did they say about the attack. if you talk to the survivors, you would have known it was a coordinated terrorist attack and not a mob. >> greta: were you going to vote for senator hagel? >> i thought his confirmation hearing was disturbing. >> greta: does that mean you may still vote for him? >> we don't have enough information. we haven't gotten the information we requested. i don't think we should vote on chuck hagel until we get all the things we requested about the speeches he's made, but as to whether or not i will vote for him, i hope the administration will reconsider his nomination. he is a good man, but these are dangerous times. what kind of signal are you sending to the iranians when your secretary of defense seems to be throughless about what our policy is? >> greta: are you going to hold it up in any way? >> i'm trying to make sure, he
7:40 pm
made 15 speeches for money and i know what he said. i can tell you this: i've never seen the world more dangerous. there are more bonuses coming. before we confirm a new secretary of defense we have to d in benghazi and find out exactly what chuck hagel has been saying all these years. >> greta: coming up an american murdered in turkey. a live report from istanbul and you will hear from the victim's family. some people are outraged about what happened at superbowl. what else made a lot of people mad. that is just two minutes away. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet...
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7:46 pm
was murdered, who murdered her? >> that is wonderful question. we just don't know at this time. the autopsy has been completed. they did announce that today. we'll probably have to wait up to three months for the results. they added a little more color as to what happened to her we do know she died after fatal head wound but she had cuts and bruises on her body. they also told us she was in a very shallow ditch of about 40 centimeters and someone had places pieces of wood on the body. there is good news. the prosecutor has been able to get a grant to collect dna from the 21 people they have interviewed about this case and that will likely happen tomorrow. >> greta: any indication it was a robbery or missing money? >> her cellphone is still missing. the last time it was turned on was thursday.
7:47 pm
that is interesting and hopefully that is being helpful because they can probably locate per the cell tower. jewelry she had on go it was probably jewelry she had completely, i don't think this is necessarily a matter of someone wanting her jewelry. one other thing, they said she had these clothes on she had on the cameras on the 21st the last day she was in the mall. actually the mall, that was on the 20th, that was a sunday. >> greta: laura, thank you. here in the u.s., grieving parents speaking about the loss of their daughter. >> even though i wanted to see my daughter alive but at least they found hero her and closure.
7:48 pm
there are people waiting for their loved ones that haven't been found. i thank god for that. we were able to find her and able to have her here with us. >> it helped us through and the thought she was happy. we just wanted to know when she was coming home. >> greta: lisa, i understand that the family is struggling with how to tell the two clinic? >> her husband stephen told the kids when he left for turkey that he was going to get mom and bring her home. now, he has to give them that news. that is biggest challenge the family says they are facing now. they want to bring the body home. they are putting in place a strategy to try to tell these boys, not just at the moment when they are giving them this
7:49 pm
horrible news but giving them a support system in the days and months that follow. this is a tough thing for kids especially two boys who were close to their mother as they are, ages nine and 11 to have to go through. >> a mother of two, traveling by herself. there are so many questions. we don't know. we will continue to follow this. certainly a very disturbing story and heartbreak for american family. thank you. straight ahead, a woman accused of murdering her boyfriend in the shower. you will hear from jodi arias next. get ready for a lot more of that new-plane smell. we're building the youngest, most modern fleet among the largest us airlines
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>>. >> greta: woman accused of stabbing and slitting her ex-boyfriend's throat. jodi arias admitting to the murder. here is some of what she toll the jury. >> did you kill travis on june 4 2008? >> yes, i did. >> and you did, do you remember seeing that tape? >> yes, i do. >> and in that tape you said
7:54 pm
that no jury would convict you, something to that effect, do you remember saying that? >> yeah, i did say that. i made that statement in september of 2008. at the time we had -- um -- so i am extremely conflict because no jury would convict he and i told them no jury would convict me at that time, i was in padded cell and stripped down and that would have been my life until i stabilized. so i was very confident that no jury would convict me because i planned to be dead. those are probably the worst bitter words i'll eat. >> greta: if i were her lawyer and i heard that, okay, now that you didn't commit suicide i do expect this jury to convict you.
7:55 pm
that is the flip side to it. i mean i can't imagine, maybe that was part of the strategy. how was it in the courtroom? >> it was an odd day. she wasnly asked two questions and two hours of testimony into the case and you have both of answers. did you kill travis, and it was get to know jodi day. looked at her background. borderline abuse and her mom used to hit her and dad hit her with belt. but the prosecution has shown to be murder monster, jodi arias is a human being. >> but there are three different stories what happened at the time she was arrested. judge once said to me when i had a tough client, i was trying to make a silk out of it. she admitted she murdered him. she is tough spot. she hasn't been cross-examined,
7:56 pm
has she? >> i tell you what the prosecutor in this case is juan martinez, here they pull him the pit bull. he has one speed. he goes for the throat. i don't think it will happen tomorrow or the day after, but there was some talk in the courtroom. does he have to be careful if he goes too hard. he is going to make her seem sympathetic. next few days of testimony should be very interesting. >> greta: she has admitted and in order to find it not guilty has to take it to self-defense. >> coming up, rush limbaugh says it is all our fault. which y is he blaming for superbowl power outage? so i can get three times the coverage. [ manager 2 ] it's like working in a giant sandbox. with all these huge toys. and with the fastest push-to-talk... i can keep track of them all. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done"
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